dog behavior


  • Bark Management 101

    Understand why your dog barks -- and what you can do to stop inappropriate barking.

  • What to do with a dog that won’t stop barking

    Dogs bark for many different reasons, and getting to the bottom of why your dog is being so vocal will help you put an end to his noisy habit.

  • Good Dog Park Etiquette

    Be the apple of everyone's eye the next time you and your pooch hit up the dog park with these expert tips and tricks to keep your dog on her best behavior.

  • How to Play Soccer With Your Dog

    Believe it or not, many dogs love the sport of soccer. Find out the best way to teach your pup how to play.

  • Big Fun for Little Dogs

    Just because your dog is small doesn't mean you can't work out together. Here, activities and advice from our tiny-dog expert.

  • Stop Inappropriate Dog-sniffing

    Your dog's nose can cause embarrassment in social situations. Learn how to channel its amazing abilities for good.

  • How to Read Your Dog

    A wagging tail is a clue to your dog's mood -- good or bad. Here's how to interpret the tale of the tail.

  • Fix Common Dog Behavior Problems

    Dogs don't naturally know how to live with people; they have to learn the rules. Here's how to teach your dog manners.

  • Take Your Dog to a Ball Game

    Teams nationwide host Dog Nights. Here's what you need to know to take your dog to a baseball game.


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