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We are the go-to resource for everything you need to care for your dogs. From pet care tips to pet product reviews, we are here to keep you updated about your furry little friend. Our team is constituted of full-time writers and researchers, veterinarians, animal experts and trainers, and pet owners. We have one goal: helping dog owners to train and care for their pets.

Our Mission

We love dogs just like you and we want to help you answer critical questions such as what you should do, what to avoid, how to properly train the puppy, how to handle skin problems, how to socialize the pup. Other issues like potty training, biting, itching and more can be found on this website.

Dog training and care are not that complicated when you plan properly and we can help you figure all of it out. Our tips and guides help you to find the best and most suitable solutions for your dog problems.

Our writers are trained and are dog parents as well so they can give you firsthand care tips for your dog. We have used this wealth of knowledge and experience to create a resource page for pet parents.


Our Story

Since 2008, we have dedicated our time and effort to creating content to help new and experienced pet parents alike. It all started as a public diary to document all the experiences we had raising our pets. As time passed, it evolved into a resource for different kinds of dog-related information. 

We have successfully helped thousands of pet owners all over the world since we started with our guides and tips. Also, we have written dog training guides, news, product reviews and even organized online competitions for dogs since that time. 

Meet Our Staff

Henry Parker

Henry Parker

Henry Parker is a seasoned veterinarian and dog lover. He founded the Exceptional Canine and was one of the very first writers. Presently, he serves as the chief editor. He is passionate about assisting pet parents to develop a healthy lifestyle through positive enrichment and preventative healthcare. He has adopted and cared for different pets over the years. also, Henry has written several pet-related topics since 2006 for different pet-related sites including PetMD and other top pet magazines. He is an educator who loves to spend his free time with his children either camping or sightseeing.

Amy Olson

Amy Olson

Amy Olson is a frequent contributor to Exceptional Canine. She has written several articles on animal care, especially dog care. Some of her works range from puppy training to dog treats and product reviews. She grew up with two dogs and fell in love with these furry little creatures since then. She has a bachelor of science in animal behavior and has used this knowledge to teach other pet parents like herself. In her free time, she takes up pet sitting jobs and cares for dogs on a part-time basis.

Lauren Woods

Lauren Woods

Lauren Woods is an excellent writer and researcher. She is a regular contributor to Exceptional Canine. She is married with two kids and loves to travel. She specializes in writing about pets and family living. She has two dogs and one cat who inspire her to help other pet parents. In her free time, she enjoys taking rides in the mountain trails with her dogs. Her passion for animal rescue is second to none. She has taken part in several programs to foster dogs and help them to find new and suitable homes.

Daniel Henson

Daniel Henson

Daniel Henson is a licensed veterinarian and dog lover with more than 10 years of experience in the field. He has worked with several animal rescue missions to place pets in suitable homes. Daniel has contributed greatly to Exceptional Canine since he joined the team over four years ago. Since that time, he has written training guides and tips among other things for our large reader base.

Susan Mason

Susan Mason

Susan Mason is a regular contributor to Exceptional Canine. She is an avid writer and researcher who was awarded a bachelor of arts degree at the University of Tampa. She also holds a master's degree in creative writing and literature. She is a dog lover who is passionate about pet safety. She writes preventative tips and product reviews. In her free time, she loves to paint.

All our writers care about dogs and other animals. This is why we adopt a rigorous research method to produce high quality and relevant articles for our readers. Our articles are updated from time to time to meet the current standard or position. We have trained and licensed animal care personnel in our team to ensure that you get the best care tips for your furry little friend.

What Challenges Do You Face With Your Dog?

  • Do you need tips to keep your furry little friend busy? Find simple ideas here to help you.
  • Do you have problems with dog training or teaching your pet simple tricks? Check out our dog training articles for ideas.
  • Do you want simple answers about dog behavior or tips on the best pet for your region? Find your answers here.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dog care and training. We acknowledge this and this is why we have included as much information as possible to cover both traditional and alternative methods of dog training and care. You can also find the advantages and disadvantages of such methods.

Through our studies and experiences with dogs, we have learned that it is possible to manage common conditions at home with a little help. In the same vein, you can prevent some issues from starting by performing some simple tasks for prevention. These tips will surely help you to cut costs that would have otherwise been spent treating the pet later on. Also, they reduce the anxiety that could arise from visiting the groomer or veterinarian. 

Find Dog Care Tips here

Arming yourself with this knowledge ensures that your pup grows into a healthy adult dog. It will also help you to keep your adult dog healthy and free from skin and bone issues. Caring for your pet and providing the proper nutrition for the dog will save you money for vet treatments. In the same vein, learning to groom your pet will save costs as well. After several years of resolving pet issues, we can honestly say we know more about dog care. We love dogs, they are our passion and this site aims to share information with other pet parents and prospective dog owners to avoid some common mistakes many people have made.

Keep up with us by signing up for our newsletter. This way, you won’t miss any update. Follow our latest tips, news, and photos as they arrive. Read up on old articles to catch up with the ones you may have missed. We hope you enjoy reading our practicable tips and guides for dog care. Don’t forget to hit the share button to help other pet parents find resources for their everyday dog issues.

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